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Today, most investigations involve the use of, and dependence on, digital photographic or video evidence in some capacity. And while it is influential in nature and directly impacts investigations and trials, such evidence is not always easy to make sense of  or even factual.


At Satyavakta Solutions, we understand the power and importance of digital visual evidence. And we want to help you make the most of it. 

Be it a visually-degraded image that defies attempts to extract vital information or a crucial footage suspected of tampering, our specialized solutions have got you covered. 

Our solutions help eliminate distortions to reveal otherwise obscure facts, discover and analyze inconsistencies, and verify integrity and authenticity of the data so that you can be confident of its ability to serve as evidence. 

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Visual Content Enhancement and Clarification

Visual evidence is only as useful as the quality of the information it provides, and more often than not, quality of the acquired data leaves much to be desired. 

Maybe there’s too much noise in the data, or it’s too dark to see. Maybe the license plate is too hard to read because of poor lighting conditions or the distance between the camera and the vehicle. Perhaps the video is too shaky or important details are blurry. 

There’s a lot that can compromise the quality of photographic or video evidence, thereby keeping it from conveying critical facts

And although you might not always be able to control how the camera records, we at Satyavakta Solutions can do a lot about the quality and usability of the final recording. 

With some carefully targeted adjustments and clarifications, digital images and videos can be enhanced to reveal much more than what’s readily apparent, all the while ensuring that no vital piece of information – however slight – gets altered during the process. So the integrity of the data is maintained at all times. 

Video Stabilization 

Videos captured using hand-held cameras or those recorded by dash cams tend to exhibit extreme jitter or shakiness, which not only impacts general viewability of the footage but also makes object identification and recognition nearly impossible. 

Stabilization can make a substantial difference by not only allowing the footage to depict its contents more clearly but by also making it amenable to further high-level processing operations, such as object detection and integrity verification.

Motion-Blur Removal 

Moving vehicles caught on camera often appear blurred, a phenomenon commonly referred to as Motion Blur; it can impede the detection and identification process. 

Our deblurring tools can help remove this visual streaking and smearing, and make it possible to extract useful license plate information and other important details from affected images and videos.

Metadata Analysis

Often described as data about data, metadata is the data and information that is part of or is attached to a digital image and video file that allows forensic analysts to understand its history, including when the file was created, modified and accessed, among other information that can be used to describe important file properties. 

These unique identifying markers, when examined methodically, can provide a wealth of information even critical evidence to help prove or disprove the matter at hand. 

Where to find metadata 

While some metadata is visible (for instance, when we right-click on a file and see some general information such as the file type, size, and when it was created), other more significant metadata is hidden and requires specialized tools for retrieval and analysis.

Information such as date/time when the image or video file was written, created, modified, last used, and even the longitude and latitude of the geographical location from where the file originated as well as the information about the camera used is often valuable to a case but mostly remains inaccessible. 

Specialized examinations can often bring these small but important details to light.

What it all means

Even the most basic metadata is prone to misinterpretations and misunderstandings. 

What does it mean when a file has a ‘last written’ date of yesterday but a ‘creation date’ of today? 

Metadata can even be altered, and is therefore most meaningful when subjected to methodical and all-inclusive inferences.  

And as with all evidence, it’s not only what’s there that matters but also what isn’t. Metadata inconsistencies are symptomatic of bigger issues and must be scrutinized.

At Satyavakta Solutions, we help do all that and more. 

License Plate Detection 

One of the significant challenges associated with surveillance footage analysis is automatic license plate detection, which is often antecedent to other more direct investigative operations, such as identifying vehicles of interest at a certain location in a given time frame or establishing the presence or absence of certain vehicle at an event of interest.

When it comes to successful license plate detection and identification in large volumes of recorded data, our primary concerns are accuracy and reliability, and we ensure not only that but also speedy results by employing the most effective state-of-the-art license plate detection algorithms. 

Effective license plate detection in low-quality dash cam video

Automatic Object Detection 

Another significant investigative challenge is object detection, i.e., recognition and cataloguing of every object seen in every frame of the video at hand, which further facilitates sifting through weeks’ worth of footage to isolate content of interest based on the specifics of the case.

In large volumes of recorded data, this becomes tedious.

With accuracy and speed being the priority, we automate detection and tracking, saving valuable time in the process.  

Source Authentication

Sometimes, it is the source of the image or video evidence that is in question. 

Was it recorded by the camera it is said to have been recorded with?

Do all frames of the video originate from the same device?

Since unverifiable sources seem inherently unreliable, verifying the source of the data through the process referred to as Source Authentication or Source Camera Identification becomes important for establishing provenance. 

Tamper Detection 

One of the most prominent weaknesses of digital data is its innate susceptibility to alterations, and with advanced video processing technology becoming more and more accessible, the process of digital image/video manipulation is now easier than ever and even novice-friendly. 

In addition to removing objects or manipulating frame sequences, artificial intelligence now enables creation of entirely fake content, commonly referred to as deepfake videos or simply deepfakes

Considering the highly influential nature of image/video evidence and the scope of its utility, it becomes critical that its integrity be verified both exhaustively and conclusively.

Forensic Reports 

Any and all forensic examinations performed on the given data, along with the results thereof and any pertinent expert opinions formulated therefrom, are handed over to the client in the form of a detailed forensic report. 

These reports, which can be used for purposes such as affidavits, proof of what was found or not found, and billing, are proprietary and confidential.

Trainings & Workshops 

Elevate your expertise in digital forensics with our exclusive training programs and workshops. As the premier providers of specialized trainings in this field, we offer unparalleled opportunities to enhance your skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of digital investigations. 

For Professionals

For professionals seeking advanced training in digital forensics, we provide customized programs designed to meet their specific needs. Recognizing the scarcity of comprehensive resources in the industry, our workshops offer invaluable insights and expertise needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital investigations effectively and ethically. 

For Students

For students passionate about digital forensics but lacking adequate resources, we offer tailored training programs to bridge the gap. Our commitment extends to those seeking comprehensive education in this field, ensuring they receive the necessary skills and guidance unavailable elsewhere.

Read what our participants have to say . . .

3-Day Training Session held at UIET, Panjab University. 

October 2023.  

2-Day Forensic Workshop Conducted at the Directorate of Forensic Services, Shimla.

March 2023.  


About us

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the story it tells is not always clear. At Satyavakta Solutions, we look at what's underneath the surface, so that the true story — whatever it may be — can come to light. 

The quality of a video recording or any ambiguity regarding the authenticity of a photograph must not hinder a fact-finding mission or impede an investigation. Systematic and thorough forensic clarification and analysis of the content at hand not only allows it to convey the facts more clearly but also helps eliminate any qualms about its trustworthiness. Ultimately, it affords confidence to the final user of such data.

Our mission is to employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques along with critical analytical skills to examine, enhance, and authenticate digital visual data — evidence or otherwise so that when it is used as a foundation for making significant decisions and judgements, there is neither any confusion related to its outwardly appearance nor any uncertainty regarding its inwardly integrity. 

We aim to serve law enforcement agencies, advocates and legal firms, forensic agencies, private investigators, news broadcasting agencies, insurance companies, and the general public.

We are registered as Satyavakta Solutions LLP pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008. 

Our story

What started as an ordinary journey of doctoral study in 2014 evolved into a genuine admiration for exploration and discovery, and now, into a tangible venture.

Eight years, and several academic and industrial endeavours later, we are here to do what we do best — learn. Learn what's hidden, learn what's missing, and learn where it all leads.

Founder's profile can be found on LinkedIn, 

Incubated under Design Innovation Centre (DIC) at Panjab University, Chandigarh

DIC is a platform for product or process innovations for students, faculty, and citizens to give ideas that can be developed as products and processes. The mandate of DIC is also to act as an enabling centre or an incubation centre for start-ups. 

DICs have been established in government institutions under National Initiative for Design Innovation (NIDI) Scheme as a flagship programme by MHRD (as per Twelfth Plan) under a Hub and Spoke model, with lead institution acting as the mentor while synergising and leveraging the potential of the institutes.

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Our values

We believe that neither our work nor the conclusions drawn therefrom can be above reproach unless we perform our duties with unfaltering honesty and integrity. 

We abide by these values at all times.   

Our analyses and conclusions are based on industry-standard and scientifically-backed investigative techniques that are precise and dependable. 

We produce results you can rely on.    

We operate under the most strict confidentiality guidelines to ensure unfailingly comprehensive and guaranteed information security at all times. 

We treat all client information as privileged. 


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